So, yeah….

Okay, so it has been a crazy long time since I have updated this blog. I will give you the semi short version of what has been going on. As per my last post, the expectant mother we were matched with did deliver, we were there, three days later she changed her mind and we came home. Within a week or so we began to hear from her that she wasn’t sure if she had made the right decision. Long story short, at five weeks old, we returned and went to court with the birthmother who placed with us. So, we are the super proud parents of the most amazing little girl on the planet who is now six months old. A LOT has happened eh? Any way, I will be starting a new blog and will post a link to it here in order to document our search to become parents, but our journey as parents in an open adoption. Apologies for any one who doesn’t know me personally read this and wondered what the hell happened. Were it me reading I would assume that I had a total melt down….which in some ways I kind of was, although I think I always felt in my heart, we would hear from her again and things would work out. Either way I held steadfastly to my faith and knowing God did not have plans to harm me, and was in control. Again, sorry for the crazy delay in what was new, and again I will post a link to the new blog. ❤


So, new blog link is on the right or go to


~ by Jan on September 2, 2011.

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